Tuck Trousers

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[ Late august Scheduled to be delivered]

Popular tapered pants are now available in nylon fabric.
The elegant glossy nylon fabric and the nostalgic high-waisted silhouette give a sophisticated impression.
There are darts from the hem so that the knees are voluminous,
The waist area is refreshing and the knees are voluminous, creating a nostalgic 80's style.

We recommend the "at that time" styling with Chibi T-shirts, big-sized T-shirts and tops.

* Regarding reserved products, usage changes and color appearance may differ slightly from the products.
Please see the product details image for the actual specifications.
In the unlikely event that a major change occurs, we will inform you in advance.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

* There are more waist belt holes than the model wearing sample.
It will be a specification that can accommodate hem darts.
It will be a specification with a piss name on the back pocket part.
Please check the product image.

[ model ]
MODEL: H171 Wearing size: S

[ size ]
S Total length 103 cm Waist 67 cm Hip 111 cm Inseam 69 cm
M Total length 105 cm Waist 70 cm Hip 114 cm Inseam 71 cm

[ Specification details ]
Fabric thickness Normal Elasticity None No sheer feeling No glossiness Slightly Yes Lining Yes Pockets available

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