<Season theme>
The theme of the PAMEO Pose 2020 Winter Collection is "Romeo and Juliet".
A romantic expression of William Shakespeare's tragic masterpiece, with a focus on jewelry.

The color palette that makes up the collection mixes vibrant colors such as pink and purple with contrasting dark tones of gray, brown and burgundy.
For the graphic that symbolizes the theme, "Crying Juliet" by painter MOMONS, whose unique color and touch is a hot topic, is printed on sweatshirts and tote bags. Montague and Capulet are embroidered on the back of the thighs of the track pants of the same series, and Verona, the stage of the story, is put together in one place.

The "pharmacist" sweatshirt that appears in the play is paired with metal plate earrings in the shape of a scroll of love letters engraved with the names of Romeo and Juliet to create a contemporary style.

In addition, we have released a new "One Mile Suit" that is recommended as a room wear this season and will be sold as a set of three items: shirt, pants, and drawstring purse.
This season's apparel will be developed in a playful and relaxed silhouette while retaining the catchy image with embroidery and the popular mandarin button.

The popular jewelry series includes "finger cross" earrings and chokers that are crossed by Juliet's delicate fingers and Romeo's fingers, the sacred Christian motif "Circlet Heart", and the ascension of the soul. It will be developed in a sacred mood such as the expressed ascension pierced earrings.
In addition, the standard stick earrings are lined up with iconic motifs such as church candles and roses on the Capulet's balcony.

With a romantic classic taste as the axis, the classic motif is used in a contemporary style, and the two contradictory elements are dramatically produced in a world view that is typical of PAMEO Pose, which has the duality of feminine and mannish.