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- The lake of swan-

PAMEO POSE 2020AW collection, the theme is "SWAN LAKE".
Inspired by "Swan Lake", we propose a dramatic mood like a scene change of the stage where the scene of the story changes one after another.

The color palette that makes up the collection mixes vivid blue, purple, and yellow vivid colors with contrasting smoky colors such as gray, brown, and dusty pink.

Volumey puff sleeves, classic details with lace and tulle, plus a rugged rider's jacket design and mannish spices such as peak lapel.

In the "Prince Siegfried" series that appears in the play, a royal taste blouse with lace of hemp mixed fabric. As for the "Devil Lotwald" series, shirts and coats with large wings expressed in yoke and cape, and the confrontation scene with Prince Siegfried are developed with a street-like 80's logo hoodie.

The pattern that symbolizes the theme is shirts and bottoms with pearls and feathers floating on the water printed in two colors, swan and black swan, and knits are represented by knitted tops in the shape of feathers. The oil-painted swan icon is dropped into a casual cut-and-sew, and the original buckle, which is becoming a staple, is a bangle and belt designed with abundant romantic elements of spiral swan neck, wings, jewelry, and roses this season. I added a romantic accent to the coordination.

The pumps and boots, which are indispensable for finishing the styling, are designed in the image of ballet pointe shoes, and the lace-up and sole stitching that wraps the entire shoe give a more edgy impression. With a romantic classic taste as the axis, a neat swan and a bewitching black swan, a prince and a devil, and two contradictory elements are dramatically produced with a PAMEO pose-like styling that has the duality of feminine and mannish.