8th Anniversary [Nostalgic Select] Alien Earring

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◆ Nostalgic Select ◆
Survived the 80's and 90's used item Is selected by PAMEO POSE.
The booming T-shirts of each age are developed with a nostalgic lineup such as Elite Models and Britney Spears, which were predominant in the 90's.
In addition, we have romantic items such as tops with a taste of hand-crafted crafts and blouses that are likely to be worn by vintage movie actresses.
The accessories are designed to remind you of the accessories that you used to treasure when you were a kid.
Add quirky items to your usual wardrobe for a deep styling that feels culture.

[ size ]
Overall length Alien: 7 cm Star: 5 cm
Vertical alien: 5.5 cm Star: 3.7 cm
Horizontal alien: 3 cm star 3.7 cm

[ Material]
Material unknown

[ Country of origin】
Country of origin unknown

* We have carefully selected used items with a good degree, but there may be some usability and damage peculiar to used items.
* Small scratches and damage / repairs that do not bother you may be omitted.
* We cannot accept returns, exchanges, or repair requests.
When placing an order, we kindly ask for your understanding of the product in advance.

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