Magician's Rose Choker


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■ Point ■
A choker in the shape of a blooming rose drawn on a magician's card, in connection with this season's theme "Tarot Card Major Arcana".
The trunk of the rhinestones and the leaves with embedded bijou create an elegant and gorgeous image.
A higher-grade jewelry that has a surreal and delicate image, making it a point for everyday use.
In addition, it can be reused regardless of the seasons as well as when dressing up.
The size is easy to put on, and you can put it on the high neck in the fall and winter.

Tarot Card THE MAGICIAN Meaning Origin, Possibility, Opportunity, Talent, Opportunity, Sense, Creation.
I am the main character in my life. If you open up your life on your own initiative, you can give joy to the people around you. Also the meaning of the start.

Length 6.2 cm Width 2.5 cm Chain total length 29.5-42.5 cm

Tin alloy stainless steel resin glass brass

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