Ace Of Wand Pierce

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■ Point ■
In connection with the theme of this term, "Tarot Card-Minor Arcana", stick earrings with the motif of wand (wooden stick) ace, which means birth, imagination, and departure, are now available.
Bijoux is embedded on the top and bottom of the stick, giving it a delicate glow.
The straight piercing has a catch inside the lower stick, so when you put it on, it looks like a body piercing, as if the stick is stuck in your earlobe.
Very light and comfortable, with a simple, delicate yet edgy impression.
It is a higher-grade jewelry that has a surreal and delicate image, and can be used as a point for everyday use, and can be reused regardless of the seasons as well as when dressing up.
With a size that is easy to put on and a surreal motif, it is a recommended item as a gift.

F: Overall length 5.5 cm, width 0.7 cm

[ Material ]
Tin alloy stainless steel glass

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