Royal Garden Choker

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It is an item that is easy to use for both casual and occasional occasions, giving it a sense of luxury and originality by using a large, sharp-cut bijou that has a trendy handmade feel.

A romantic item in which the rose motif in the garden is expressed in beads.
Since the choker adjuster is attached for a long time, it can be worn all year round, such as wearing it on the neck in summer and on the high neck in winter.
It is a convenient item that adds a sense of trend to casual styles such as T-shirts and denim.
Higher-grade jewelry is a point of everyday use, and it can be reused regardless of the seasons as well as when dressing up, and it is also a recommended item as a gift.

F: Length 3.8 cm Length 24-38 cm

Tin alloy stainless acrylic glass brass

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