Victor Jacket

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A jacket inspired by the man, Victor, who appears in the suspense story created by the girl Rufa on the dollhouse, in connection with this season's theme "DOLL HOUSE OF SECRETS".

The jacket is made of a material with a smooth texture and a slightly firm feel, and the body is made of domestic tech tweed (analyzing wool and reproducing polyester). It has both lightness and resistance to wrinkles.
The color scheme uses a fabric with a characteristic dry touch texture.
The design has a mysterious impression by crossing fabrics with different expressions.
The thick shoulder pads are layered like a vest, and the box silhouette of the body gives a nostalgic and sophisticated impression.

Pants are also available in the same series. ( 2321507005: Victor Trousers )
It is recommended not only for everyday outfits, but also as a light outerwear when dressing up.

[Domestic fabric]
Since tech tweed (analyzing wool and reproducing polyester) is used for the body, the moisturizing property of wool is high.
It has both lightness and wrinkle resistance that cannot be expressed with wool.
The color scheme uses T / R, which has a characteristic dry-touch texture.
The fabrics with different expressions are crossed.

* Regarding reserved products, usage changes and color appearance may differ slightly from the products.
Please see the product details image for the actual specifications.
In the unlikely event that a major change occurs, we will inform you in advance.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

* Shoulder stitches are not included.
The product image will have the correct specifications.

Length 73 cm Bust 54 cm Shoulder width 46 cm Sleeve length 57 cm

[Specification details]
Fabric thickness Thick elasticity None No sheer feeling No glossiness No lining With pockets

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