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[ Late July Scheduled to be delivered]

In connection with this season's theme "DOLL HOUSE OF SECRETS", this all-in-one shirt is based on the image of Victor, a man who appears in the suspense story created by the girl Rufa on the stage of a dollhouse.

The shirt is made of a firm material, and pin-tuck pleats and stitch piping are the mode points.
The large collar creates a retro feel of the 70's.
The high-waisted pants have a tuck for an elegant impression.
You can wear it with an adult image with a fabric with a feeling of falling.
With a slightly loose size, you can also match a high-necked sweater with the inner, so you can use it from autumn to winter.

It is recommended not only for casual wear but also for occasional use with heels and jewelry.

* Regarding reserved products, usage changes and color appearance may differ slightly from the products.
Please see the product details image for the actual specifications.
In the unlikely event that a major change occurs, we will inform you in advance.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

* The number of buttons on the upper body will increase by one step.
Please see the product image correctly.

[ model ]
MODEL: H171 Wearing size: L

S Length 147 cm Bust 118 cm Shoulder width 56 cm Sleeve length 41 cm Inseam 66 cm
L Length 154 cm Bust 118 cm Shoulder width 58 cm Sleeve length 41 cm Inseam 73 cm

[Specification details]
Fabric thickness Thin elasticity None No sheer feeling (Slightly white)
No gloss, no lining, no pockets

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