Rufa Loose Leggings

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¥3,300 ¥16,500

[ Late august Scheduled to be delivered]

Cut-and-sew leggings with embroidery as a point.
The soft 2-way stretch with good kickback fits well and is comfortable to wear.
The length is made longer, and it makes your legs look slender and beautiful with the effect of loose socks by slackening with your ankles.
The five-line embroidery expresses the large stitching of the doll's clothes.

Glitter from skirts and slits,
It is also recommended as an oversized top and bottoms as a point of coordination that seems to be this season.

Waist: Rubber specifications

[ Domestic fabric ]
Uses a fabric that expresses corduroy, a jersey material, in terms of processing and weaving.
As it is a jersey fabric, it is stretchy and comfortable to wear.

* Regarding reserved products, usage changes and color appearance may differ slightly from the products.
Please see the product details image for the actual specifications.
In the unlikely event that a major change occurs, we will inform you in advance.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

[ size ]
Total length 152 cm Waist 65 cm Rise 23 cm Inseam 126 cm

[ Specification details ]
Fabric thickness Thin elasticity Yes No sheer feeling No glossy feeling No lining No pockets

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