Satin Mermaid Skirt

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A satin skirt with a scent of the 90's with a nuance of elegant luster and a feeling of falling.
The point is the boldly opened slits and the frills on the hem of the metal hook, which is a solid color that is easy to coordinate but has an edge.
The back of the waist is made of rubber so you can wear it comfortably.
The size is not too tight and the lining makes it difficult to pick up the body line, resulting in a slim silhouette.

Easy to match with tops of various lengths, and can be used as an occasion by matching beautiful blouses and jewelry.
You can also wear it in a casual style with T-shirts and sneakers.

* Regarding reserved products, usage changes and color appearance may differ slightly from the products.
Please see the product details image for the actual specifications.
In the unlikely event that a major change occurs, we will inform you in advance.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

* There are no side pockets.

[ model ]
MODEL: H171 Wearing size: S

[ size ]
S Total length 91.5 cm Waist 65 cm Hip 90 cm
M Total length 96.5 cm Waist 68 cm Hip 93 cm

[ Specification details ]
Fabric thickness Thin elasticity None No sheer feeling No glossiness

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