SHAKA x PAMEO POSE collaboration items are now available!

The first collaboration item
It was decided to release it.

Official online store
At Omotesando Main Store
Than 12 o'clock noon tomorrow, April 28 (Wed.)
We will start pre-order sales.
( Scheduled to be delivered in June)

Outstanding comfort sandal brand
Collaboration with "SHAKA".

SHAKA in South Africa
A sandal brand born in the 1990s
Functionality to adapt to harsh environments such as mountains and deserts,
I dropped a beautiful ethnic color pattern
It features webbing tape.

In this collaboration,
Put a large fringe like PAMEO POSE on it,
For casual styles such as T-shirts
Also for dresses and skirts
We will develop it with a design that is easy to match with beautiful outfits.

Neoprene is placed on the back strap,
Shoe rubbing is less likely to occur
It is also removable and can be used in 2WAY.

All black with the image of midnight and
Available in two colors of silver, reminiscent of the dazzling daytime sunshine.

The ease of wearing that is unique to SHAKA
The classic design of PAMEO POSE
It is a special pair that is mixed.

All Day Sandal ( SHAKA x PAMEO POSE )

¥ 18,000 + TAX

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