1. Store name

2. Distributor Tanimoto Co., Ltd.

3. Sales Manager Masahiro Tanimoto

4. Location Headquarters 26-105 Toiyacho, Okayama City 700-0977

PAMEO POSE Division Harajuku Ribin Room 413, 2-35-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

5. Necessary charges other than the product price Consumption tax, shipping fee, and settlement fee will be charged.
* The shipping fee is 500 yen (+ tax) nationwide for each order, and if you use cash on delivery payment, the shipping fee + cash on delivery fee will be charged.

[Cash on delivery fee]
10,000 yen or less including tax (including shipping)
Fee: 300 yen (330 yen including tax)

Tax-included 30,000 yen or less (including shipping)
Fee: 400 yen (440 yen including tax)

100,000 yen or more including tax (including shipping)
Fee: 600 yen (660 yen including tax)

300,000 yen or more including tax (including shipping)
Fee: 1,000 yen (1,100 yen including tax)

6. Sales quantity It is described on the product page.

7. Delivery time Up to 7 days after the order is completed. Delivery may be delayed if orders are concentrated. Please note that.

8. Payment method The payment method is as follows.

·pay by a credit card

Accepted credit cards are VISA, MASTER and AMEX.
The settlement date will be charged to the card company when the product is shipped.

・ Cash on delivery

・ Shop Pay

Apple Pay

Google Pay

・ Amazon Pay

9. Cancellation of orders, returns and exchanges of products

・ Cancellation is possible within 12 hours from the date and time of your order. If you wish to cancel the contract, please contact the inquiry window on this site.

・ Only if the return conditions are met, the item can be returned within 7 days after the item arrives.
* Please check the terms of use and returns / exchanges for return conditions.

However, please note that we cannot accept returns in the following cases, except when the product is defective.
Products that have been used even once Product tags / price tags have been separated and lost products Products that have wrinkles, scratches, damage, or odors at the customer's responsibility (including washing)
Products that have been soiled or damaged, such as attaching a delivery slip directly to the shoe box / product outer box Products that contained the product, shoe box / cosmetic box, products that do not have accessories (warranty / spare buttons) Cosmetics (perfume, shampoo) , Body care products), lifestyle miscellaneous goods (room mist, diffusers), groceries, etc. Items ordered outside this site Items that are clearly not eligible for return (reserved items, outlet items, lucky bags)

We will bear the return shipping fee for the product due to shipping mistakes or delivery of defective products, but the customer is responsible for the return shipping fee for the product due to customer's convenience.

In the unlikely event that a product different from the ordered product is delivered, we will replace the defective product.

However, please note that refunds may be processed if there is no replacement stock.

For the procedure for returning or exchanging products, please contact the following inquiries.

10. Response to spoofing orders Malicious acts, such as when placing an order using fictitious or other people's personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.), caused inconvenience or damage to our shop or a good third party. In that case, immediately submit a damage report to the police as "fraud charges" in Article 246 of the Criminal Code, and the police will request the provider to disclose the information, or our shop will file a provisional disposition application for disclosure in the court and exercise the disclosure order. After identifying the mischievous orderer, we will make a claim for damages.

11. Response to refusal to receive the product Please be sure to pick up the product you sent at your own risk.
In the unlikely event that you do not pick up your luggage even after the storage period of your absent luggage has expired, we will charge you for the necessary expenses such as the round-trip shipping cost of the product by postal mail or email.
If you cannot transfer the billed amount in the content proof, we will judge it as a malicious case, report the damage to the police, and file a small amount litigation.
If you ignore this request, we will carry out legal proceedings in the summary court that has jurisdiction over the location of our shop.
In that case, please note that the customer will be responsible for transportation costs, legal costs, etc. for appearing in court.